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  Gamefront: Weekly Network Update 48 (week 48, 2011) - News - FileFront News
  Posted by: Danny on 12-06-2011 @ 16:14
This News Item has been viewed 105,653 times

Here it is the 48th version of the Weekly Gamefront Network News Update, the news part of the update covers the news side of the Network and the Gamefront Main site over the past week. There has been a fair bit of news from the Main site including a lot of trailers, reviews, previews and a lot more. This week there are lots of reviews, more news from the latest games and you can even play Saints Row 3 as a Toilet (that's right you read that correct stick out tongue ) More news can be found from Gamefront News - Here

We would love to hear any suggestions that you have; if you see something that you would like to be added to the Weekly Network Update, or you have any suggestions that you think may improve the Network Update then simply drop me an email at Danny[at]filefront[dot]com (please put "Network Update" as the subject though smile ).

Also If you like the Network Update please feel free write a comment as I would love to hear any critism, or support (constructive though please as this is the only way that I know how good or bad the insider is and it would help me to improve this further). Also I should mention that the comments section is not for complaining about the bugs of the network sites, most of these we do know about and are with the Break.com Tech Team smile, also again this is not the place for comments about the bugs, I myself do not have the ability or the knowledge to fix them, although you can use our forums to post your comments here - http://forums.filefront.com/filefront-com-help-center-1272/

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Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/GameFrontcom
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Gamefront News: Game Front’s 2011 Holiday Gift Guide for Gamers

Attention moms, dads, girlfriends/boyfriends, dogs and cats: if you have a special gamer-person on your holiday shopping list, this guide is for you. We’ve put together a helpful collection of all the best video games, systems, PC components and gamer-miscellanea to help you pack your gamer-person’s stockings full to the brim with goodies.

And we leaned extra hard on PC gamer goodies, because that’s how we role. Happy holidays from Game Front!

Table of Contents

Consoles and Gadgets
System Building

Read: Game Front’s 2011 Holiday Gift Guide for Gamers

Gamefront News: 5 Games That Could Use a Christmas-Themed Mod

Oh snap, y’all, it’s December aka Christmas time. To get in the spirit of Christmas, I’m going to let you into my brain a little bit so you can see some ideas I have for some Christmas-themed game mods. Are you ready? Here we go.

1. Skyrim

Skyrim is already halfway to being about Christmas anyway because of all the snow everywhere. In that way, it’s kind of already in the spirit of Christmas; you just have to push it over the top. What you’ll need to do is add some things to the towns to make them feel more Christmas-y, like banners that say Merry Christmas and Christmas lights and wreaths on people’s houses. And, of course, you’ll need to be able to put stockings over your hearth in your houses. Oh, and you’ll need to create a Santa Claus NPC and have him wander around the world. Can you imagine?

2. Minecraft

You know, I’m sure this has already been made, but still. For this mod you’ll need a map with a snowy mountain, and you’ll need to replace all the creepers with elves and the pigs and other animals with reindeer. And you’ll go in and completely mess everything up with your giant candy cane axe. Nothing says “getting in the Christmas spirit” like totally messing up Christmas for everyone. God, this is the best mod ever.

For the other 3 please click below

Read: 5 Games That Could Use a Christmas-Themed Mod

Gamefront News: A Graphical Explanation of Why People Pirate Games

I don’t support piracy. I think it does more stupid damage to the games industry than is worth saving a little money on a game, and that’s to say nothing of paying hard-working people a pittance in appreciation of the work they’ve done to entertain me. I love rewarding people for kicking ass.

That said, there’s a lot of B.S. that goes into gaming — it’s a two-way street. While pirates might be ripping off publishers, there’s often a distinct impression that publishers are ripping off players, as well as making it more annoying to play games by throwing in things like updates and online profiles for their own benefit and not that of the players or the game. The graphic below isn’t an excuse for piracy, but it does present something of a compelling argument as it documents the start-up process for the PC version of Batman: Arkham City.

Though if you listen to Gabe Newell, you might think piracy isn’t a big deal regardless.

For more please click below

Read: A Graphical Explanation of Why People Pirate Games

Gamefront News: A Single Teaser Screenshot for BioShock Infinite

So, like, what is that? That’s a screenshot from the new BioShock Infinite trailer that we’ll see on Saturday at the Spike Video Game Awards. Or, if you don’t want to watch that, you can see it here at Game Front next Monday.

So what’s going on in that image? The file name is “Fink_LoRez_ScreenShot,” so I guess that’s a statue of someone named Fink? That would make sense as the sign on the building behind him says “Fink MFG.” Could that be Albert Fink, the engineer who invented the Fink Truss and spent a lifetime building railways and bridges? Probably not. It’s probably just some fictional dude who owns a lot of stuff in Columbia.

That is, of course, assuming the statue is of him. It could be somebody totally different, but that’s not likely. I doubt the folks at 2K would mess with us like that.

I guess we’ll find out on Saturday.

Read: A Single Teaser Screenshot for BioShock Infinite

Gamefront News: All I Want for Chrstmas is KOTOR 3

Xbox News is tipping off gamers that the latest title in the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series may be out for Christmas… or at least 2008. The US Official Xbox Magazine suggests the BioWare title KOTOR 3, not the MMO, may be available as soon as Christmas. However, there is no confirmation from BioWare on the game itself or what platforms it’s being released on. I guess we’ll all just have to wait for Microsoft’s conference at E3 and hope for more details then.

Read: All I Want for Chrstmas is KOTOR 3

Gamefront News: Battlefield 3′s Back to Karkand DLC Rolling Out Next Week

Battlefield 3‘s “long-awaited” Back to Karkand expansion, which is free to everybody who pre-ordered the game, is coming soon. It’s been “coming soon” for a while, but know we know exactly how soon. And it’s very soon.

Back to Karkand will be coming out on PS3 next week on December 6, and on PC and Xbox 360 in two weeks on December 13.

There. Now you know. The pack will come with four old Battlefield maps updated for BF3 and three new vehicles. Here’s a trailer. You know you’re gonna tear this ish up when it hits, aren’t you?

Read: Battlefield 3′s Back to Karkand DLC Rolling Out Next Week

Gamefront News: Battlefield Heroes Bringing Fresh Content Each Day in Run Up To Christmas

It’s an advent calendar, but instead of candies and Christmas scenes you get things that can be applied to shooting people. Get in the Christmas spirit.

According to the game’s forums, free-to-play shooter Battlefield Heroes is going to be rolling out a new piece of content every day in December until Christmas. They’re “free gifts” from “Santa’s Gift Bag,” and so far have included the M16-203 and AK74-30 battle rifles on Day 1, and “Free Trial Santa Outfits (Without Hats)” on Day 2. More content, events and other free-type stuff is planned as the month rolls on.

Read: Battlefield Heroes Bringing Fresh Content Each Day in Run Up To Christmas

Gamefront News: Battlefield 3 Sells 8 Million

After selling 5 million in the first week on shelves, Battlefield 3 has been rolling along at a not-terrible pace, as sales are now up to 8 million. That’s what EA SFO Eric Brown said at the Baird Tech Conference in SF this week.

That’s a pretty good number, but it’s obvious that Modern Warfare 3 has cut into BF3′s numbers. Still, 8 million is nothing to sneeze at, and they can be perfectly happy with that number. It’s something to build on in the future, for sure. They’ll just try to keep on chipping away with future shooter releases.

Read: Battlefield 3 Sells 8 Million

Gamefront News: Be a Badass In this Tribes: Ascend “Focus” Trailer

This new trailer for Tribes: Ascend will get your hopes up that you can pull off moves that you will never, ever be able to do. Ever. But it’s nice to just watch and enjoy it with that knowledge, because it is a cool trailer.

It’s all about showing off and killing dudes in the smoothest way possible; seriously, it’s silky smooth. Watch this.

Read: Be a Badass In this Tribes: Ascend “Focus” Trailer

Gamefront News: BBFC Lists Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition

The BBFC, otherwise known in our circles as the British body that classifies games, has given an 18 rating to the Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition, which is a thing we’d never heard of before.

In theory, this is a re-release of this year’s popular fighting game with all the DLC included. The BBFC lists a February 17 release date, so I would guess we’ll hear something about this soon, since it’s not like the BBFC is a rumor-mongering organization. A BBFC classification means this is very real.

Read: BBFC Lists Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition

Gamefront News: Bungie’s Marathon Trilogy Available for Free Download

The name Bungie will forever be synonymous with Halo. Long before Master Chief arrived on the scene, however, the then-Chicago-based company was hard at work on a game called Marathon. Inspired by the rampant popularity of Doom, Bungie took the first-person structure and added an in-depth sci-fi story. Released in 1994, the game was good enough to end up on numerous years’-best lists, and it duly spawned two sequels.

After its mid-nineties heyday, Marathon was consigned to the dustbin of gaming history. No longer, however! Thanks to the efforts of dedicated coders and modders, there is now an open source version of the original game engine, which enables franchise devotees to play Marathon on modern machines. What’s more, under the terms of a generous General Public License, the entire trilogy can downloaded for free!

Download from here

Read: Bungie’s Marathon Trilogy Available for Free Download

Gamefront News: Buy a Handheld Super Nintendo for $80

That right there is the SupaBoy, which is a full SNES that you can carry around in your pocket. It’ll run you $80 on Amazon, and it even doubles as a home console; you can plug it into your TV, and it has slots for controllers. What a winning little device here, even though it apparently only last 2.5 hours on batteries.

Now, who wants to buy me one of these for Christmas?

Read: Buy a Handheld Super Nintendo for $80

Gamefront News: Buy an EA Game, Get an Expired Online Pass

Have you ever bough a carton of milk, only to later realize that the expiry date was last week? Well now you can capture that same feeling when you buy a game!

Online passes for games have expiry dates, and it’s allegedly possible to buy a game with a pass that’s already turned green and chunky. One gentleman purchased a new copy of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit on PS3 from Amazon, and when he tried to input the online pass, he received a message stating the code was either incorrect or no longer valid.

Joystiq reached out to EA and learned the following:

EA’s Online Pass can indeed expire for some new games, blocking buyers out of online content until they download a new pass or attain one from EA directly, EA confirmed to Joystiq. As a rule, no Online Pass should expire, but a few titles will have a time limit on their use, even for new purchases, EA said. Dragon Age 2, for example, has an Online Pass that expires on March 31, 2012, according to EA’s EULA description. Re-downloading or getting a new Pass is free, EA said.

Read: Buy an EA Game, Get an Expired Online Pass

Gamefront News: Check Out Serious Sam 3′s Color Scheme Options (VIDEO)

Rich Knuckles is back to show off some of the customization options in Serious Sam 3: BFE. Here he’s talking about the color schemes, which you can change during the game to your liking. You’ll learn something here, like which option to choose if “you wish LA Noire had less pointing at crap and more rocket launchers.”

Read: Check Out Serious Sam 3′s Color Scheme Options (VIDEO)

Gamefront News: Capcom, Konami, Square Enix and Namco Bandai Missing From UMD Passport Program

So it’s been sort of good news that the PS Vita would have the UMD Passport program, which would allow PSP owners to convert their physical games into digital download licenses for a price for use with the PS Vita, but we always knew the program wouldn’t include all the games in our collections.

But it’s missing more than we thought possible, according to the list of Japanese UMD Passport titles Sony put up this week. Eurogamer notes that the entire catalogs of Capcom, Konami, Square Enix and Namco Bandai are missing from the list, which means no Monster Hunter, Metal Gear Solid, Naruto or Final Fantasy.

That doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t be able to make deals by the time the Vita is released in the West in February, but it doesn’t look good.

You can peruse the Japanese list of UMD Passport titles here.

Read: Capcom, Konami, Square Enix and Namco Bandai Missing From UMD Passport Program

Gamefront News: CODphobia

CODphobia is the practice of making accusations of disloyalty to the game industry without evidence to back it up, the only “evidence” being that the accused plays Call of Duty. The term originated during a famous historical period in the United States, known as the Second COD Scare, which arbitrarily began somewhere between November 10, 2010 and November 8, 2011 and is famous for capturing the fears and alarm that associations with Call of Duty brought out of American gamers — specifically the idea that COD players would negatively influence the game industry and subvert its ideals.

Pundits coined the term to criticize the actions of community policing agents from the likes of N4G and GameFAQs, who would fuel the wave of anti-COD sentiment throughout the United States and hold gamers to trial for the suspected crime of enjoying Call of Duty. At first, this started small. Reviewers criticized for being sympathetic towards the COD movements. Friends being removed from Xbox Live if it turned out they had any history of association with an Infinity Ward game. Eventually, “Loyalty Review Boards” were instituted to groom gamers and ensure they remained true to the industry by only buying original, innovative games such as New Super Mario Bros. and Urban Champion 3D. It all came to a head, however, with the so-called “Reddit Trials,” where members of the industry task force known as R/Gaming would arrest customers browsing GameStop without warning and take them to a secluded trailer for questioning.

For more please click below

Read: CODphobia

Gamefront News: Day 1 Studios Loses Publishing Deal, Lays Off a Bunch of People

It’s never good to hear about layoffs, and it’s even worse, somehow, to hear about layoffs right before Christmas. But that’s what’s happening right now.

GameSpot is reporting that Day 1 Studios, developers of F3AR and Fracture, lost their publishing deal with Konami that would have them develop a Silent Scope game, and are now being forced to lay off 95% of the team they had dedicated to that project. Everyone left will be working on some other unannounced thing.

So this is a sad day, certainly. Sorry, bros and ladies. I wish I could pay you to make a game for me! Well, I guess I could pay you very poorly.

Read: Day 1 Studios Loses Publishing Deal, Lays Off a Bunch of People

Gamefront News: Domain Names Reveal Command & Conquer: Alliances

Looks like those rumors about a new addition to the Command & Conquer series might have been at least partially true.

Electronic Arts has snapped up a number of domain names centered around the apparent title “Command & Conquer: Alliances.” (Note: I added that colon in there. It needed one.) Fusible first spotted the domain registrations, and a few quick Whois look-ups suggest EA is the responsible party. See the full list of the domains in question below.

Speculation has it that BioWare, EA’s resident sci-fi division, might be responsible for bringing back C&C. We’ve also heard that an announcement about the game could be due at the VGAs, which means we’ll all be forced to watch the damn VGAs now. Thanks a ton, EA.


Read: Domain Names Reveal Command & Conquer: Alliances

Gamefront News: EA Buys a Facebook Developer, Calls it BioWare Sacramento

EA has purchased Facebook devs KlickNation, known for SuperHero City and Age of Champions, and have folded them under the BioWare Social unit. KlickNation also gets a rename and will henceforth be known as BioWare Sacramento.

Furthermore, the BioWare Social group will now be led by former KlickNation CEO Mark Otero.

I would presume that the company will help out with something Mass Effect-related, possibly to tie in with the Galaxy at War thing. Or maybe the new BioWare studio will make something original not meant to tie in with a AAA title. Maybe. I guess I just don’t know.

Read: EA Buys a Facebook Developer, Calls it BioWare Sacramento

Gamefront News: Rumor: EA Prepping Army of Four

The Kotaku tipster at EA is at it again, this time talking about a new sequel to Army of Two. This one allegedly takes the series in the most logical direction: four-player co-op. And, of course, it will allegedly be called Army of Four.

The game is allegedly being built by EA Montreal, and it will allegedly make use of the Frostbite 2 engine. Allegedly, production is going rather poorly, and folks around EA are allegedly expecting some folks from DICE to go over and help out a little bit. Allegedly.

As I said, four players is obviously the next step for this series if they’re going to keep it going, and so I believe this rumor absolutely. Yeah.

Read: Rumor: EA Prepping Army of Four

Gamefront News: EPIC to Unveil “Fresh & New Experience” at VGAs

EPIC design director Cliff Bleszinski appeared in a VGA teaser, promising to have something new in store for us at the event this weekend.

Bleszinski said:

2011 marks the 20th anniversary for Epic as a studio. And while we’ve been busy supporting Gears of War and Infinity Blade, we have something new in store for you. It’s an entirely fresh and new experience being crafted from our North Carolina studio that you’re not going to want to miss.

“Entirely fresh and new” rules out any possibility of a title related to EPIC’s per-established franchises, but I wonder how far the studio will stray from sci-fi thick-necks in power armor.

I guess I’m the only one still waiting for Unreal Tournament 4.

Read: EPIC to Unveil “Fresh & New Experience” at VGAs

Gamefront News: EVE Online Crucible Update Trailer

Out now is the new big free update for EVE Online known as the Crucible. This update has a ton of stuff in it, like three new captain’s quarters and engine trails and, oh yeah, a graphical overhaul. It’s not an insignificant update is what I’m saying. Take a look at what you’re in for with this trailer:


Read: EVE Online Crucible Update Trailer

Gamefront News: Ex-Blizzard Employee Divorces Husband Over WoW

A California resident who once worked briefly for Blizzard has recently divorced her husband of six years because according to her, his addiction to World of Warcraft ruined their marriage. Never having played the game herself, 28 year-old Jocelyn stated that her husband Peter’s crippling addiction to the game became more than she could handle.

“He would get home from work at 6:00, start playing at 6:30, and he’d play until three a.m. Weekends were worse — it was from morning straight through until the middle of the night. It took away all of our time that we spent together. I ceased to exist in his life.”

Having been friends with Peter since the age of 13 and married for six years, it only took a paltry nine months for the marriage to collapse after receiving the game as a gift from her.

“I bought the game for him for Christmas 2004, when it first came out. By May we had our first serious discussion about where our marriage was going, and by September I had moved out.”

Having had many discussions on the fact that WoW had taken over Peter’s life, Jocelyn tried to intervene and schedule “together” time with him – to no avail. On one such occasion, she had set aside 30 minutes to watch a favorite TV show together, but he refused because he was in the middle of a raid and could not understand why she was upset that he stood her up. Eventually, Peter’s domestic duties also began to suffer for the game as he stopped paying bills and refused to do his share of the housework.

Although a gamer herself Jocelyn has never played WoW because she recognized the fact that it was a game that would never end and therefore did not wish to play it. She also states that WoW was the sole catalyst for the divorce and is still highly emotional about its impact on her marriage.

Read: Ex-Blizzard Employee Divorces Husband Over WoW

Gamefront News: Forza 4 Is Getting an IGN Pack of Cars

So this is baffling. The next pack of DLC cars for Forza 4, which will launch on December 6 for $7, will carry IGN branding. Here’s a defensive thing they said about this:

To clarify any confusion, IGN is not paying to offer this pack, nor are we receiving any revenue from its sales. What we will be doing, however, is offering a ton of codes for free to Prime subscribers when the DLC pack is released next week, hence the branding.

That’s silly. You’re not getting your name on a DLC pack because you’re going to give away a bunch of codes. The world just doesn’t work that way. This is shady.


Here’s what cars will be in the pack:
1957 Maserati 300 S
2010 Maserati GranTurismo MC GT4
1988 Pontiac Fiero GT
1986 Alfa Romeo Spider Quadrifoglio Verde
1981 Volkswagen Scirocco S
1977 Ford Escort RS1800
1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS-396
2011 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor
2011 Mazda RX-8 R3
2011 Monster Sport Suzuki SX4

It’s an odd group of cars, to be sure. Whatevs.

Read: Forza 4 Is Getting an IGN Pack of Cars

Gamefront News: Get Excited: The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Closed Beta is On (VIDEO)

Yup, the delay is at an end and a lucky few are currently testing out Counter Strike: Global Offensive. I’m not one of them. But then again, I think I forgot to sign up.

But just like you can, I’m enjoying this beta gameplay care of Evil Avatar is embedded below. It looks, uh… you know, Counter-Strikey and shooterish. What do you guys think? Chomping at the bit for a new Counter-Strike experience?

Read: Get Excited: The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Closed Beta is On (VIDEO)

Gamefront News: Grand Theft Auto III Hits iPhone, iPad, Android on Dec. 15

The latest in the string of continual reminders that tablets and smartphones are becoming legitimate pieces of gaming hardware, Rockstar has announced a release date for a mobile port of Grand Theft Auto III: Dec. 15.

The Playstation 2 classic is in its 10th anniversary this year, and in celebration, Rockstar is releasing Grand Theft Auto III: 10th Anniversary Edition (go figure) for a mere $4.99 on select iOS and Android devices. And here’s the good news: you won’t necessarily need a dual-core super-great smartphone to play it on. (Bad news: you will need a decent phone.)

Rockstar’s press release says the following devices will be supported:

Apple: iPad, iPad 2, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S.
Android phones: HTC Rezound, LG Optimus 2x, Motorola Atrix 4G, Motorola Droid X2, Motorola Photon 4G, Samsung Galaxy R, T-Mobile G2x.
Android tablets: Acer Iconia, Asus Eee Pad Transformer, Dell Streak 7, LG Optimus Pad, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and 10.1, Sony Tablet S, Toshiba Thrive.
The game also looks pretty sweet, considering that Rockstar has sent screens from it running on Android tablets.

Read: Grand Theft Auto III Hits iPhone, iPad, Android on Dec. 15

Gamefront News: How TOR Can Beat WoW – In 5 Easy Steps

Many people get angry whenever The Old Republic is measured against World of Warcraft. Some will even insist that TOR isn’t trying to beat WoW — and that’s a dirty lie. There’s no shame in ambition; there’s nothing vile about aiming high. Every MMO out there wants to be WoW. Every MMO wants to reach that level of success and profitability, and with the enormous production costs TOR is rumored to have, it doesn’t just want to beat WoW — it needs to.

Many MMOs have tried and failed to tackle the titan. Here are five ways in which TOR can avoid making the same mistakes.

1. A Perfect Launch

World of Warcraft’s launch in 2004 was disastrous — Blizzard wasn’t ready for the deluge of players who purchased the game. Between a higher-than-anticipated player count and server instability, Blizzard had to temporarily pull WoW from store shelves until they set up more servers to meet the player loads. Paying customers had to wait in queues to play the game they’d purchased.

For more please click below

Read: How TOR Can Beat WoW – In 5 Easy Steps

Gamefront News: How to Use a PS3 Controller on a PC


Since the introduction of Windows 7, the original set of instructions that appeared on this page no longer work. Never fear, though — nerd culture abhors a vacuum, and some enterprising coders have stepped in to provide a new solution. Follow along with the steps below to learn how to use a PS3 controller on PC.

1. Download MotioninJoy

Motion in Joy is a Chinese company that makes a relatively straightforward utility for using PS3 controllers with PC’s. Your first step is to download their client from GameFront’s fast, free servers.

2. Unzip and Install the program
The expanded archive will create an .exe file with the same filename. Run it.

3. Run “DS3_tool” and plug in your PS3 controller
When the installation completes, there’ll be a check-box prompting you to run “DS3_tool,” the Motion in Joy client. Leave it checked when you exit the installer.

Click the link below for a download link

Read: How to Use a PS3 Controller on a PC

Gamefront News: How To Decide Between GTA And Saints Row (Flowchart)

So you want to be a criminal, or at least a criminal in an open-world game set in a parody of a major American city? You’re in luck, because there’s plenty of that to go around. But how can you decide which one is right for you? Do you want to be a Professional killer? A Super emo, reluctant gangster? An old school banger? Maybe you just want to wear a gimp suit and carry a gun that causes sharks to explode from the ground? Yep, looks like you have a hard decision ahead of you.

You have a lot of options. Like Grand Theft Auto V. It’s going to look great, have stellar acting, and generally live up to the GTA name. Except it doesn’t come out until, probably, next May. On the other hand, Saints Row: The Third has already been in stores for a couple of weeks, and it has a flying motorcycle. And hell, while we’re on the subject, you could always revisit 2008′s Grand Theft Auto IV or, if that’s too much of a downer, you could spend some time in the setting of GTA V by playing the 2004 Classic, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

What’s a playa to do? Nothing, because we’ve put together a flow chart guaranteed to help you decide if you’re a Saints Row kind of criminal, or a GTA-style thug. Click the image above to find out kind of wasted, criminal life is right for you. Just try not to get blood everywhere, ok?

Flow Chart - Click here

Read: How To Decide Between GTA And Saints Row (Flowchart)

Gamefront News: Impressions of the The Old Republic Beta

The Old Republic is one of the most hyped games of the year, and after spending a weekend with the beta, I had the opportunity to see what all the fuss was about for myself. Because I’ve always been one to eat from the buffet table rather than commit to ordering a single meal, I created a half dozen characters, but sank most of my time into a Sith Marauder that I quested up to level 12.

My background: I’ve tried a couple dozen MMOs over the past decade, but my interest in any particular game tends to die once I hit the mid-level grind. I’m partial to sci-fi settings, since fantasy is overdone, and I’m a fan of the original Star Wars trilogy — the prequels grievously wounded my interest in the franchise.

The Setting

The Old Republic takes place thousands of years before Darth Vader, in a period more akin to the prequel movies than the classics. “Stormtroopers” are good guys*, the Galactic Empire is still the Galactic Republic, and practitioners of the Force are so common that anyone who can’t telekinetically lift a stone seems like a buck-toothed yokel.

(*They’re not actually stormtroopers, but the Galactic Republic troopers are the spiritual ancestors of the stormtroopers.)

While I’m not a fan of this older setting, it lends itself better to an MMO framework than the classic Star Wars setting, which would have seen such interesting class options as “dumbass clone stormtrooper,” “Ewok muppet,” and “no, we can’t have half a million Jedi running around; it goes against canon.” Fortunately, Bioware knows we love classic Star Wars and has injected TOR with old-school SW flavor in the form of Han Solo-like smugglers, Bobba Fett-style bounty hunters, and Vader-esque Sith warriors. They also didn’t skimp on the cool concepts introduced in the prequels, like dual-bladed lightsabers and Force-powered combat maneuvers.

For more please click below

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Gamefront News: Infinity Ward Not Making Call of Duty 5?

While everyone seems to be oohing and aahing at the upcoming Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, it seems that Infinity Ward may not be developing Call of Duty 5. Don’t fret just yet though, as they’ll most likely be back for CoD6. Awhile back, publisher Activision decided they wanted to have a new Call of Duty game out every year, which didn’t leave enough time for Infinity Ward to create the games they wanted to. So a compromise was made after CoD2: Infinity Ward would get two years to make another title, and the franchise would be handled by developer Treyarch in the interim. This explains why CoD3 may have seemed quite a bit different from CoD2. It hasn’t been confirmed, but it seems that this deal may carry over into the next game as well. During that time though, Infinity Ward will also be doling out new downloadable content (maps, weapons, perks, etc.) for CoD4.

This sounds like a pretty good compromise to me, since it keeps both the publisher and the developers happy. I figure a great Call of Duty game every two years is better than a so-so one every year.

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Gamefront News: Infinity Blade II Review

An immortal cycle of violence, battle, pain and death — that’s what holding the Infinity Blade promises you. And despite your having fought through the tower of the God King, defeated his champions and cast him down, your victory has only secured you more of the same: more fighting, more violence, and many, many more deaths.

Fortunately, at least you’ll look fabulous doing it all. Or at least Infinity Blade II, the follow up to the award-winning and incredibly popular iOS title launched about a year ago in the iTunes App Store for Apple’s iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, will look fabulous while you do it. Like its predecessor, Infinity Blade II sets the bar for graphical fidelity on Apple’s mobile devices, but it opens up the experience pioneered by its predecessor by refining the original and expanding it in just about every way possible.

Infinity Blade II: iPad (reviewed), iPhone, iPod Touch
Developer: ChAIR Entertainment
Publisher: Epic Games
Released: Dec. 1, 2011
MSRP: $6.99

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Gamefront News: IO To Work on New IP After Hitman: Absolution

IO Interactive has been working on Hitman games for over ten years, along with forays into the Kane & Lynch universe, and they’re about to try something new. After they wrap up Hitman: Absolution, studio head Niels Sorensen tells Gamasutra, they’re going to split up the team into two groups.

One group will help out the new Square Enix Montreal studio on another Hitman game, and everyone else will be working on a new IP. I guess we can be thankful they aren’t going back to Kane & Lynch after the atrocious sequel.

It’s always worth celebrating when a studio goes from making endless sequels to a new IP, and so I’m gonna celebrate this news. And IO is a solid studio, Kane & Lynch 2 aside, so this will probably be a good hing for gamers. Yay!

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Gamefront News: L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition (PC) Review

The chance to reenter Team Bondi’s beautiful (if somewhat empty) rendition of 1947 Los Angeles was one I welcomed with the release of L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition on PC. With all the game’s heretofore released DLC and the ability to run a beautiful game at some properly high settings, I was ready to enjoy the dark noir storytelling all over again.

But while it’s nice to get the complete L.A. Noire experience in one handy edition and at a decent price, there’s not much else to set L.A. Noire on PC ahead of its console counterparts. This is a pretty simple PC port of a console game by Rockstar, and apart from DLC and a chance to play with a keyboard, you haven’t got much of a reason to opt for PC over any console version of the game. It’s pretty much all the same.

L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition: PC (Reviewed)
Developer: Team Bondi
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Released: November 8, 2011
MSRP: $49.99

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Gamefront News: Microsoft Giving You Another New Xbox Experience Tomorrow

Microsoft is bringing out its annual big dashboard update for the Xbox 360 tomorrow, and with it they’ll be rolling out plenty of new non-gaming entertainment content. Starting tomorrow, in the US, you’ll be able to get Epix and MSNBC’s Today on your Xbox, with much more rolling out in the rest of the month and early next year, like Vudu, Dailymotion, MSNBC.com, TMZ, UFC On Demand, Verizon FIOS TV service, CinemaNow, HBOGo, MLB.TV and XFinity On Demand.

Remember, of course, that very little here is free; you either have to pay a premium (VUDU) or have a subscription via a TV service (Epix, HBO Go) for most of the stuff. So it’s all less exciting than it sounds. We are far from the Xbox Live IPTV service we thought we were getting.

Of course, there’s more to the world than just the United States. Below you will find the upcoming new services for all territories, listed by when they will be available:

Dec. 6:

• EPIX. United States
• ESPN on Xbox LIVE (ESPN). United States
• Hulu. Japan
• Hulu Plus. United States
• LOVEFiLM. United Kingdom
• Netflix. Canada, United States
• Premium Play by (MediaSet). Italy
• Sky Go (SkyDE). Germany
• Telefónica España – Movistar Imagenio. Spain
• TODAY (MSNBC). United States

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Gamefront News: More People Are Playing Skyrim Than Battlefield 3 on Xbox Live

The results are in, and we know what the most played games on Xbox Live right now are. No. 1 is, of course, Modern Warfare 3, and no. 2 is, for better or for worse, Black Ops. Nos. 3 and 4 are Skyrim and Battlefield 3. What? More people are playing Skyrim than Battlefield 3? You don’t say.

But that’s the world we live in, and it makes one think that maybe those gaudy reported sales numbers for Skyrim were true. So, this is very impressive for Bethesda, certainly. Mad props, yo.

Meanwhile, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations is way down at no. 11. Sad props, yo.

The full list:
1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
2. Call of Duty: Black Ops
3. Skyrim
4. Battlefield 3
5. FIFA 12
6. Modern Warfare 2
7. Halo: Reach
8. Gears of War 3
9. Madden NFL 12
10. Saints Row: The Third
11. Assassin’s Creed Revelations
12. GTA IV
13. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary
14. Forza Motorsport 4
15. Batman: Arkham City
16. NBA 2K12
17. Halo 3
18. FIFA Soccer 11
19. NHL12
20. Call of Duty 4

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Gamefront News: Minecraft or Skyrim? (PIC)

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Gamefront News: NBA 2K12 Legends Showcase DLC Launch Trailer

Arriving this week on your platform of choice is the the NBA 2K12 Legends Showcase DLC, which will allow you to play all sorts of new game modes with 150 different legends of the court. You can even play HORSE, or you can mix and match teams for a pick up game or pretty much do whatever you want. And it all goes down in Times Square with cell-shaded animation. It’s pretty sweet, and here to get you pumped up for it is this DLC’s very own launch trailer. Enjoy.


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Gamefront News: Nickelodeon Announces Avatar: Legends of the Arena

Nickelodeon announced its Avatar: Legends of the Arena is slated for release in September. The game will pit players against one another in an online four man arena. Although the game is largely combat oriented, there are a few RPG elements. Players will need to train and duel in arenas in order to unlock their potential earning new skills and costumes for their characters.

“The launch of this multiplayer online game gives Avatar fans the opportunity to immerse themselves in the storylines during and beyond its tenure on-air,” said senior VP of Nick.com Jason Root of the project.

Avatar: Legends of the Arena will be available in in 81 territories globally including the United States, Japan and the United Kingdom. Initially, will be offered in ten different languages. THQ’s Avatar: The Last Airbender: Into the Inferno will also be available this fall,

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Gamefront News: Nintendo to Release Xenoblade Chronicles in North America

After a long wait, it has been determined that Nintendo of America will get the chance to distribute the Wii RPG Xenoblade Chronicles in North America. It looks like all that petitioning and whining on the internet has paid off. Hooray!

Unfortunately, the game will be a GameStop exclusive, and it will retail for $49.99 when it’s releaed in April. Still, I guess that’s better than nothing, right? Like, it’s a thing you want; you just have to go to GameStop to get it, goddamn it. Just be happy that it’s coming.

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Gamefront News: Nintendo Wii Matches the Power of the Original Xbox

According to a FIFA producer, the Nintendo Wii matches up to the original Xbox as far as power goes. Of course the Wii is an easy system to develop code for, but matching up to the power of a last generation system isn’t exactly a big deal in my opinion. People need to keep in mind that the Wii is great simply because it is original. That originality could wear off one day, but certainly doesn’t look like it’s slowing down any time soon. I honestly wish people would stop comparing the Wii’s actual system details to Sony and Microsoft’ systems. Honestly, the Wii cannot compete on a hardware level and Nintendo knows it. The point of the article is that the Wii is pretty much what the original Xbox was. Is that really the point we need to care about? Probably not.

FIFA producer Tim Tschirner has said that he believes the Nintendo Wii matches up to the first in terms of power.

Tschirner’s comments came in an exclusive interview with GamesIndustry.biz’s sister site, Eurogamer.net

“It’s about as powerful as the original Xbox,” he said. “The video hardware unfortunately is not as powerful. There’s just a couple of key things that you can do on Xbox like shaders which you just cannot do on the Wii… Overall though it’s pretty much what the original Xbox was.”

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Gamefront News: Oh no, It’s a Xenoblade Chronicles Trailer

Hot on the heels of the announcement that Xenoblade Chronicles would be making its way to North America finally is a new trailer for the game. Like, seriously, it’s a new trailer. Wowee!

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Gamefront News: RIP: GamePro

Well this is kind of a sad outcome of tough times. Industrygamers is confirming that after a 22-year run that saw the transition of publishing from print to the web, GamePro is folding. This comes mere months after having shifted to a quarterly publication schedule to cut costs. Those measures were unsuccessful and now mass layoffs are sure to follow.

GamePro Media is restructuring and will now be known as “GamePro Custom Solutions” with a focus on custom publications such as the official E3 magazine. The editorial team will apparently be focusing on PC World, though how many will be spared in the layoffs is unclear. For now, let’s toast to one of the oldest publications devoted to gaming, one that was online even before IGN, and wish the jobless staffers the best.

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Gamefront News: Richard Garriott Thinks Phones Will Kill Home Consoles

Welcome to this ridiculous party, famous Ultima developer Richard Garriott. Here are some quotes, given to IndustryGamers.

I think we might get one more generation, might, but I think fundamentally they’re doomed.

I think fundamentally the power that you can carry with you in a portable is really swamping what we’ve thought of as a console.

I play most of my games now on my iPhone and my iPad. In the last two years I’ve found more games that I’ve put way more hours into playing as a player than I have in any other period of my life.

That’s stupid, and it means you’re a boring gamer. Let me clarify: portable gaming is fine. I’m having fun with Infinity Blade II at the moment, and I’ve got tons of other games on my iPad. But those games are, for the most part, short-term games; games that you pick up and play for ten minutes at a time. Sure, it’s possible to create long-term games for handhelds, but do you think Red Dead Redemption could possibly be as enjoyable if you’re playing it on your phone? Hell no.

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Gamefront News: Rumor: Dead Space Getting an FPS and a Flying Game

So this is interesting. Kotaku has another tipster, this one at EA, who is telling them all about plans for all sorts of strange new Dead Space games. Seriously, there are three of them.

Aside from Dead Space 3, we can look forward to a Dead Space first-person shooter, a Dead Space flying game and a Dead Space game that is “like Uncharted,” whatever that means.

I would, of course, be most excited about this flying game, seeing as how there aren’t nearly enough scifi flight simulators out there these days. We need some new ones.

The tipster says EA is doing this because they want to try to expand the audience for the series beyond what a regular horror game will give them. What I find interesting about this story is that the tipster doesn’t say if these other games will be horror games at all. Indeed, it seems impractical to think a flight sim would also be a horror game.

But we’ll see. I’m looking forward to seeing what the deal is with all this.

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Gamefront News: Serious Sam 3: BFE Review

Serious Sam 3: BFE
Platform: PC
Reviewed on PC
Developer: Croteam
Publisher: Devolver Digital
Release date: November 22, 2011
MSRP: $39.99

Serious Sam 3: BFE isn’t always the most fun shooter I’ve played this year. Sometimes it merely unleashes normal levels of fun. That’s the biggest complaint I can lay at the feet of Croteam’s latest Serious Sam opus.

But when when it’s hitting on all cylinders and shoving hordes of innumerable baddies in your face, Serious Sam 3 IS the most fun I’ve had playing a shooter this year. And that’s a fact.

This game is old school in just about every way. Yeah, you can aim down the sights now, and you have to reload some of your weapons when they run out of ammo, and the campaign is pretty linear, but it plays like a game straight out of the ’90s.

And by that I mean it’s pure chaos.

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Gamefront News: Sony Using Expensive Memory For PS Vita For Security Reasons

Sony is pissing me off with this PS Vita memory card business. What they are doing is ripping off the consumers to an insane degree – 32gb for $120? Please. It’s ridiculous. They want to pretend that the Vita is a value at $249, but it’s not because you need to buy a memory card, too, because not every game will be able to save to the game card. Also, if you ever want to patch your games, and you will if you want to play online, you’ll need one. These memory cards are a necessity.

And Sony is now making excuses for needing to use a proprietary format. Munechika Nishida spoke with Impress Watch, and he said they used this format because they were concerned with security. This means they don’t want you putting your own s–t on the cards.

He also said they used the cards because they want everyone standing on the same footing. I am not at all impressed with that answer.

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Gamefront News: Square Enix Doesn’t Want Their Unreal-Powered RPG To Be Too Japanese

Speaking with Famitsu, Japanese developer Ryutaro Ichimura gave us some details on the upcoming RPG they’re working on over at Square Enix that will be powered by the Unreal Engine. Here is what he said.

We do have the worldwide market in mind with this title, and we’re prepared to deploy along those lines. However, we’re not trying to make a game for overseas gamers — the challenge we’re undertaking here is to present a fun game to the entire world that only Japanese people like us can make.

I think Japanese studios have a tendency to make these ‘good enough’ imitation backdrops when they’re making a game set outside of Japan. We’re working closely with our overseas staff to keep this game from winding up that way. We’re not trying to push what we want to do on others — our approach is to gauge what gamers want right now and take that one step forward.

So basically what he’s saying is that they want to make a Japanese game, but they don’t want it to be too Japanese. I’m doubtful they can pull it off, though; they can make a game that feels like it could have been designed by a Western developer, like Vanquish or Dead Rising, but they always end up with a story that is extremely Japanese. But, as I always say, we’ll see. We’ll see.

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Gamefront News: Skyrim’s Creation Kit is Coming in January, with Steam Workshop Support

We’ve been waiting patiently for Bethesda to loose the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Creation Kit on us and open the huge game up to the billions of possibilities for mods (somebody is standing ready to work on the Chickens of Justice mod, right?), and now we have a firmish date: January.

According to a new post on the Bethesda Blog, the developer will drop the Creation Kit, filled with the same dev tools it used to make Skyrim, on us starting in January. “In tandem with the Creation Kit’s release, we will roll out a new Wiki and videos to help you get started,” the blog says, which will certainly be a nice addition.

That handles the making part of the mods. As for the distribution, Bethesda is working with Valve to utilize Steam Workshop, which should make finding and installing mods pretty easy. (This one’s good for me because every time I try to mod Morrowind, for some reason, I break it.) “The Creation Kit will bundle your mod and upload it to the Workshop, where everyone can browse, rate, and flag mods for download,” Bethesda writes. “You’ll be able to do this from any web device, including your smartphone. Like a live Netflix queue, when you fire up Skyrim, mods you flagged will be automatically downloaded and installed.” The developer also notes you can still host your mods or download them from existing modding sites, should you prefer that.

Finally, Bethesda says more game updates are in the pipe. There’s an incremental update coming in the first week of December that’ll fix that backwards-flying dragon. Expect more updates after the holidays:

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Gamefront News: Some Not-Horrible Mass Effect Fan Film Character Trailers

I didn’t know some folks who call themselves Sneaky Zebra were making a Mass Effect fan film, but it turns out that they are. And they’ve put together three character teasers to show off a little of what they’re doing. The characters are: Meer, named after Male Shep voice actor Mark Meer; Hale, named after Fem Shep voice actor Jennifer Hale; and Defoe, named after… Willem Defoe? I don’t know.

Anyway, the trailers aren’t half bad. Check them out.


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Gamefront News: Sony: Only One Playstation Network Account Per Vita

A NeoGAF post from a user claiming to have been at a Sony event in Osaka, Japan, says that you’ll be stuck using only a single Playstation Network account on your Playstation Vita at any one time.

The poster says the information came from an FAQ sheet on Sony’s upcoming handheld device and was translated from Japan. In order to switch a Vita to a different PSN account, you’ll need to access the factory settings menu, which likely entails reformatting it (and wiping the memory). The big bummer there, of course, is that you won’t be able to share a Vita with another player in your household.

The single-region formatting also effectively region-locks the Vita until you switch out the profiles, which is surely problematic for some players wishing to get games from multiple regions, like Japanese imports that never make it across the Pacific. So if you were intending on enjoying regional content from around the world on your shiny new Playstation handheld, you might want to write your local Sony exec. Oh wait, Sony’s not a democracy — so you’re just screwed.

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Gamefront News: Steam Wants To Give You Some Free Games

The folks at Valve are doing something new an exciting on Steam right now. For the next ten days, they’re going to be giving ten gamers a day ten games from their wishlist. Here’s what you have to do to get into this:

1. Put at least ten games on your Steam wishlist.

2. Every day, click on the Steam daily deal (today it’s Terraria) to be entered in the contest.

3. Wait.

There you go. That’s seriously all there is to it. If you’re very lucky, you’ll win some gameses. If you’re not lucky, your life will continue on much as it did before. You’ve got nothing to lose! Give it a shot.

This isn’t all Steam has going right now. It’s also a free Brink weekend.

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Gamefront News: The EFF Wants To Make It OK To Mod Your Game Console

The US Copyright Office is looking to make exemptions for the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation is making a submission; they want it to be legal to mod your game consoles.

A previous EFF effort resulted in it being totally OK to jailbreak your iPhone, and so there is reason to believe that their attempt to allow you to alter your consoles so you can play games other than those approved by the console makers will have a chance.

Obviously, even if the measure works out, it would still be illegal to play pirated games on your modded consoles.

If you’ve you’ve ever bought a Humble Indie Bundle and wondered about that EFF thing, well, know you know. This is what they do.

DMCA exemption submissions will be considered in the spring.

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Gamefront News: The Father of PlayStation Has a New Project

So Bloomberg Businessweek did a feature on Sony, and Ken Kutaragi, known as the Father of PlayStation for his efforts to get the PSOne released after the collaboration with Nintendo fell through, said he’s working on something “totally cool.”

That’s all he said.

Being an irresponsible video game rant-er, I’m going to say this project is probably the PlayStation 4. What else could it be? Kutaragi is a hardware guy, after all.

So that’s it. He’s working on the PlayStation 4. Take that to the bank.

That doesn’t mean it’s necessarily coming soon, though. While that one guy said the PS4 is coming in 2012, well, that just isn’t happening. Maybe 2013, though. It depends on when the next Xbox comes out. Regardless, the fact that Sony is working on a PS4 isn’t news. Technically, they’ve probably been working on it since they released the PS3. Because these companies have to think long term.

So whatever.

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Gamefront News: The Uncharted Series Has Sold 13 Million Copies

Playstation 3-exclusive games face a slightly uphill battle in the quest to top sales charts. Sony has sold approximately 55 million units since launching in 2011. Though only slightly behind Xbox 360′s 57 million units sold (Both consoles are dwarfed by Wii’s 90 million units), it’s still in third place and the best selling PS3 game is Call of Duty: Black Ops, which is of course sold cross-platform.They must therefore be celebrating right now on the news that taken as a whole, the 3 games of the Uncharted series has sold an impressive 13 million copies. That tidbit was revealed by Asad Quizilbash, talking to Industry gamers.

This isn’t a Call of Duty-level success of course. Sales figures are spread across all three games. But it means that 23% of all Playstation 3 owners have purchased at least one Uncharted game. So congratulations for having good taste, guys.

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Gamefront News: Trine 2 Launching on Wednesday on PC, Later on Everything Else

If you’ve looked at the Steam page for Trine 2 recently, you’d have seen that it didn’t list a release date, saying only “December 2011.” In fact, it still says that. Well, it turns out that it’s actually coming on December 7, and yes we did learn that on the night of December 5. I guess they just forgot to tell everybody until just now.

Don’t wanna get it on PC? Well, you’ll have to wait a couple weeks. It’ll be heading to PSN in North America on December 20 and everywhere on Xbox Live on December 21. It’ll make it to the European PSN some time after that.

So now that we’ve settled that, let’s eat!

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Gamefront News: Trion Planning to Start Some S–t Between Rift’s Factions

“We’re planning to drive a wedge between the factions for the game’s one-year anniversary,” Rift design director Hal Hanlin told GamesRadar, meaning that the current Fae Yule event going on in the game will just be the calm before everything goes completely effing nuts.

Hanlin didn’t give any details as to what they’re planning, though, so you’re just going to have to watch out. If they’re being tricky, they’ll actually start whatever this thing is that they’re going to start before the anniversary to catch everybody off guard. That’s what I would do, anyway, but then again I don’t get paid to troll gamers. Oh wait, yes I do. Man, what a life I lead.

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Gamefront News: Two Million People Have Been Killed By a Purple Dildo Thingie in Saints Row: The Third

Saints Row: The Third‘s stats tracking stuff has gone live at saintsrow.com, and to celebrate this occasion THQ has let us know about some interesting numbers.

For example, two million people have been killed by players wielding the giant purple dildo known as the Penetrator. 5.8 billion people have been killed overall by players. Players have spent a combined two years running around nekkid in the game. 44 million gimps and hos have been killed in Whored Mode. And 650 hot dog mascots have been cooked with a flamethrower.

Sound like people have been having a real good time in Saints Row: The Third. Not surprising, considering how much fun Ross had with it. We look forward to checking back in on these stats later on.

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Gamefront News: Ubisoft: The Assassin’s Creed Meta Story “Is Supposed to be Carried on Forever”

Ubisoft senior VP of sales and marketing Tony Key on the Assassin’s Creed franchise (to the [a]list):

The meta story is supposed to be carried on forever. We can go on with this brand where we want to – that’s the exciting part about the way it’s constructed.

He’s talking, of course, about the present-day storyline in the AC games. He’s saying they will make Assassin’s Creed games indefinitely without concluding that story. And I am so furious right now.

I’ve called Assassin’s Creed the Lost of video games, and what I mean by that is that they’ll keep creating new mysteries and never answer any questions until, when they do inevitably end the franchise, they’ll deliver an unsatisfying resolution. They’re going to string us along until they decide the franchise isn’t worth the money they’re putting into it. And that will happen some day, because each successive game sells fewer copies than the previous one did.

But just to have this philosophy that you can have an overarching plot that you don’t have to conclude is infuriating to me, as a fan of storytelling in games. And it’s abusive to the audience. I keep playing these games because I want to know what’s going to happen, but if this really is their way of thinking I might just give up on this franchise right now. What’s the point of continuing?

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Gamefront News: Ueda Says He’s Still Working on The Last Guardian

Last week, we heard a troubling report about Team Ico’s Shuhei Ueda: namely, that’d left the company. He says fear not, for he is still working on The Last Guardian — we had heard he was, but that he was doing so on a freelance basis.

Ueda tweeted:

いろいろと問い合わせいただいてますが… 相も変わらず『人喰いの大鷲トリコ(The Last Guardian)』は鋭意制作中ですのでご心配なく。

Basically, he said he’s received many questions, but we should not worry, because he’s still working on the game. He does not, of course, really address the whole situation. The continuing silence from all official sources tells me the story has to be true. If it weren’t, Ueda would just say so, instead of pretty much dodging the question.

And so we have made no progress here, really.

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Gamefront News: Valve Speaks on Half-Life 2: Episode 3

Eurogame’s Tom Bramwell has an interview with Valve’s marketing director Doug Lombardi. He says with Episode 2 in the final stages of production, Episode 3 is in preproduction and will be ramping up very quickly. Valve hints that Episode three will finally take the gamer out of City 17. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the series, while fans wait for “Half-Life 3″ to hit shelves, Valve has been issuing episodic additions to the Half-Life 2 storyline.

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Gamefront News: What Mario And Luigi Look Like When Rendered In the Unreal Engine

Thanks to YouTube user JFletcho for creating this in the UDK.

Read: What Mario And Luigi Look Like When Rendered In the Unreal Engine

Gamefront News: What Does Insomniac Have Planned For Resistance 3?

Well you know what this means, right? Time to put on our wild speculation hats and guess. Just off the top of my head, here are my absolutely unscientific guesses for what we might be looking forward to:

* New DLC. Likelihood: HIGH.

So far they haven’t released anything but the Survival Pack, which contained new maps, a new multiplayer mode and some new skins. Ho-hum. Perhaps now they’ll be releasing something to expand the already wonderful story. The question is, would it be inserted into the main story, or a post-game expansion, perhaps building off of something introduced, but not explored, in the main game. My money would be on a pack focusing on the former inmates of Gaterford Prison, or on the adventures of Doctor Malikov prior to reaching Haven, Oklahoma.

* PC version. Likelihood: Extremely LOW.

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Gamefront News: Will Master Chief Die In Halo 3?

No one really knows at this point how the story will end, but there does seem to be a bit of finality to it all. It’s obvious that this will be the last Halo like we know it. We are “finishing the fight” after all. Of course, this could just be the end of Master Chief’s run and we could see a lot more of Halo in the future, but just with different heroes involved. It’s very interesting that we all have such a fondness for a character like Master Chief that we don’t even know very much about. Game Stooge had some interesting thoughts on the possible final moment for MC:

The 7th Columnist wrangled up a Halo 3 ad that is featured in the latest issue of EGM and is worded in such a way that it almost sounds as if they are remembering Master Chief. You know, like he was gone or had passed away. It’s quite the interesting ad indeed. Also, as part of the Halo 3 sponsored Projekt Revolution tour, a Halo 3 advertisement pamphlet was handed out and talks of musical celebration that is “honoring the life and legend Master Chief John-117″. Sounds very “Master Chief is dead, let’s remember his life” to us.

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Gamefront News: World of Warcraft Addiction Stories

Are you addicted to WoW? Warcraft addictions seem to be fairly common. I’m definitely not saying there is anything wrong with video game addictions. We all need to have at least one addiction or two in life. Video game addiction is better for you than say an addiction to crack or meth, plus video games don’t turn your lips purple, at least in most cases anyway.

AskApadwe.com put together an interesting collection of WoW addictions. Head over there to check it out sometime and see if any of the stories sound familiar. Some of these stories are on the sad side, but they are part of life. Fortunately whenever my girlfriend complains about me playing too many games, I can tell her it’s for work and everything is good.

I find all of this a bit strange. My wife is addicted to WOW. I dont know what to do. she plays with every free moment she has. Ever since BC came out she has been playing nonstop. My problem with it is all the time dedicated to playing. She spends more time with her online friends, which are all guys, than she does with me. I have also found that she has one of her online friends phone number and they are conversing out of the game.

I am at my wits end. I feel i should call this guy and let him know she is married and not on Wow to hook up but i am afraid of what the consequences of doing that will be. I am this close to filing for divorce. And when i do i will send blizzard and dell a thank you for ruining my marriage. without them (blizzard and dell) i think i would still have my wife.

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Gamefront News: You Can Play Saints Row: The Third As a Toilet

Sometimes things just make me smile, and this is one of them. You can play Saints Row: The Third as a toilet. Not as a guy in a toilet outfit or something like that. No, you can play as an actual low-to-the-ground toilet. And it’s brilliant. Here’s a taste:

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Gamefront News: You Can Play Skyrim With the Razer Hydra

Remember the Razer Hydra, that expensive PC motion controller that you’ve only ever used for Portal 2 DLC? Yeah, well, you can totally use it on Skyrim. All you need to do is go to the Sixense forum and download the file, and you’re set.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a video of the Hydra in action with Skyrim, so I can’t teach you how to play it. But I’m sure you can figure it out.

Don’t have a Hydra? Well, Amazon will sell it to you for a mere $139. That’s not bad, right? Not horrible, I mean. It’s pretty expensive. Oh well.

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Gamefront News: Yep: According To Some Guy’s Resume, Resident Evil 6 Is Happening.

Siliconera have gotten their hands on a scoop(ish) regarding the inevitability of Resident evil 6: proof, via a voice actor’s website’s credit listing, that it’s a happening thing. Voice Actor Joe Cappelletti – also known for work in the Uncharted and Call of Duty series – briefly added Resident Evil 6 to his credits list, all but confirming what we all already know, which is that there will always be new Resident Evil games. Always.

Cappelletti has since taken the credit off the site, presumably on orders of Capcom. The question is, was this an accidental reveal, or an ‘oopsie’ that is transparently planned?

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Gamefront News: You’ll Be Able To Control Your Xbox With Your Phone Tomorrow

If you have a Windows Phone, watch out; you’ll get some cool added functionality tomorrow alongside the new Xbox 360 dashboard update. You’ll be getting the Xbox Companion app, which will allow you to search the Xbox and Zune Marketplaces for movies, TV shows, games and whatever else is in the Marketplaces, and also use Bing to search among every app on Xbox Live; so you’ll be able to search for a movie on Netflix, Hulu and Epix all at once, for example.

You’ll also be able to use the app to view info on whatever it is you’re doing with the Xbox at any given moment. You’ll be able to control the videos you watch with the app. You’ll be able to navigate your Xbox at will with it.

So that all sounds intriguing and maybe even helpful. I think I’m going to have to download this tomorrow.

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Gamefront News: Zelda: Ocarina Of Time In Minecraft

This is how I wanted the day to end, I just didn’t know it. Minecraft player extraordinaire and Youtuber RedAshMason is working on making a Minecraft version of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I don’t want to belabor the point, but I will because it’s pretty incredible It isn’t complete of course, but it helps that he’s added the appropriate music and sound effects at the appropriate time. It’s very much a work in progress and I’m looking forward to seeing more of it. Enjoy.

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Armada 2: A2 Explosion and Ordnance commands list released
Hello there!
For the past year and more the Hitchhiker's Guide to Fleet Operations has been building up its modding section (for both Armada II and Fleet Ops) - now we are proud to present a completed guide of all Armada II Explosion and Ordnance ODF commands, with hierarchy preserved. Almost all commands have in depth explanations of functionality. Look through carefully, as you'll be sure to see commands that you've never seen before in the A2 community and can certainly make good use of in mods.

Share and enjoy!
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Battlefield 2: New Squad interface, Battlelog features, server abilities in today's Battlefield
Well, it's been a little while since the release of Battlefield: 3, and we're always looking for the latest news to keep us up to date. So here's a scoop from the Battlefield Blog:

We will soon publish a major client update for the PC version Battlefield 3 as well as a server-side update for all platforms. The update will be made on Nov. 22nd 7:00 AM UTC / Nov. 21st 11:00 PM PST. We’ll share release timing on the console patches as soon as we are clear on the timing, these take a bit longer due to console certification process.

As always, if you have any feedback or want to discuss these changes head to the Battlelog forums. We appreciate your feedback!

Battlefield 3 will have a scheduled down time on Nov 22 between 07:00-09:00 AM UTC, during which you will not be able to play the game.

Selected improvements in the Nov 22 Battlefield 3 client-side update

A full list of changes is available on the Battlelog
• General performance and loading time improvements
• "Black Screen" fix for an issue occurring on some PC configurations
• Stereo and rendering support for Nvidia and AMD graphics cards
• Fixed several crashes that occurred when joining multiplayer and co-op sessions
• Fixed a problem with high speed mouse movement (aka "negative mouse acceleration")
• You should no longer be able to damage a friendly vehicle when sitting in an open position
• Grenades now drop to ground if you get killed while attempting to throw it (dangerous in Hardcore mode!)
• You should no longer spawn too close to enemies in TDM, SQDM, or Conquest
• A large number of damage and range tweaks on a number of weapons to fine-tune overall balance in the game
• Added round duration and ticket summary at End of Round screen
• Fixed a problem regarding key bindings while playing
• Significant changes to the Join Squad interface, detailed at the bottom of this post

Read: New Squad interface, Battlelog features, server abilities in today's Battlefield
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Doom III: Doom 3 Mission Mod

Mission mod is a modification for Doom 3 which Includes:
New maps and a primary objective to complete
Lots of modifications for the weapons
Many new GUIs
Modified monsters Defs to make them more challenging
A lot of fun!

There's nothing more I can say I just want you to enjoy this as much as I enjoyed doing it!

If you have any suggestion or even if you found a bug not listed in the readme file, you can contact me!
Thank you!

Creator: Deathmachine_94
YT Account: chimueloeldragon2011 (this one)

Download the mod:
Read: Doom 3 Mission Mod
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Doom III: Doom 3 Source Code Finally Released
In case you haven't been keeping on on it, Doom 3's source code, after a little revamp, has been released to the general public. Check it out!

id Software’s Doom 3 source code has finally been released to the masses, and you are able to download it from Github. The reason why this slightly modified code was delayed in its mass market release was due to a particular issue that did not play nice with the shading software used, where said shading software is owned by Creative. Over on Twitter, John Carmack mentioned that “this demonstrates the idiocy of the patent — the workaround added four lines of code and changed two” when addressing the effort required to rewrite the code.

The source code can be downloaded HERE!
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Flight Simulator X: Platinum Airways prepares holiday season with Diamonds are forever
Diamonds are forever is Platinum Airways’ new Destination of the Week theme. Running from 27 November 2011 to 1 January 2012, Diamonds are forever will visit four airports that are closely linked with this gem’s history and future, only to be interrupted with Platinum Airways’ traditional visit to Santa at Rovaniemi Airport in Finland.

As Christmas and New Year are only about a month away, Platinum Airways will be devoting its forthcoming Destination of the Week theme to what can probably be called the most ultimate gift: diamonds. Diamonds are forever will first take us to Kimberley, South Africa (FAKM), scene of the 19th Century diamond rush in the vicinity of the Big Hole and the de Beers farm. We will then continue to London City Airport (EGLC), not far from the Central Selling Organisation, the most important diamond trading institution. From London, it’s just a short hop across the Channel, to Antwerp, Belgium (EBAW), with its 500 year involvement in diamond cutting and trading. The final Diamonds are forever destination is Mumbai, India (VABB), another major trading centre not too far from India’s cutting industry capital, Surat. And Diamonds are forever will also take us to Santa’s home hub of Rovaniemi Airport, Finland (EFRO), where our pilots may find some diamonds for delivery. Diamonds are forever promises to be a very informative theme.

Last month’s introduction of a reward system for Military mission flights, with ribbons being awarded for completed flights, proved to be very successful. Military flights have increased dramatically and Platinum Airways management has responded by moving the Military section to the publicly available part of the virtual airline’s website. Still, significant website sections are only available to members, such as the forum and downloads.

About Platinum Airways:
Keen to deliver on its mission to keep the fun in the hobby, Platinum Airways is probably the only virtual airline to combine an Open Skies policy, allowing its pilots to fly any mission of their choice with the aircraft of their choice at the time of their choice, with a strategic hub network. The carefully selected hubs, Newark (KEWR), Dallas-Fort Worth (KDFW), Vancouver (CYVR), Perth (YPPH) and Brussels (EBBR), should be attractive to a global membership. In addition, Platinum Airways offers its pilots a Destination of the Week and Relief and Military Missions. Sticking to the KISS principle (Keep It Straight and Simple), Platinum Airways hosts an active forum and a screenshot of the week competition, with the winner providing the main picture on its home page for the next week.
For more information, please visit http://www.platinumairways.org or mail info [at] platinumairways.org.
Read: Platinum Airways prepares holiday season with Diamonds are forever
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Medal of Honor: Night of the Undead mod trailer
Night of the Undead - a Single player map by Herr_Kruger. trailer

1945, southern germany a lost platoon ... a stolen truck


direct download

with credtis to : Elgan, Armdude, pkm , sal, Foreign, rippa
Read: Night of the Undead mod trailer
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